Rules & Game Formats

2017 FAST-D Filipino Golf League Rules and Game Formats

The 2017 FAST-D Golf League will adhere to the rules of the USGA with the exception of the following:
Attendance - Our league is about a commitment.  Commitment to not only our league but to your love of golf that we all share.  You signed up to participate in 75% of our events.  That is eleven of fourteen events.  Please try to play in as many rounds as possible.
Out of Bounds - Stroke and distance penalty off the tee. You must hit a provisional (3rd Stroke), if the provisional ball still went out-of bounds, then the next shot is taken from point of entry (5th stroke).
Putts - No Gimmies. Must hole out every time.  One-shot penalty will incur if player does not putt out properly.
Max score per hole - The maximum number that a player can post on any hole is twice the par of  that hole plus one.
If a ball lands in a divot in the fairway or rough, you must play as it lies.  Player will be accessed a two-stroke penalty if ball is placed outside of the divot (USGA rule 13-1).
Lift, clean, and place rule will be in affect based on the weather and/or course condition.  Criterion for this is as follows:
o The rule applies to only fairways and rough but not hazard area (i.e. red and yellow stakes).
o If ball lands in a water hazard within a bunker, it can be placed, not dropped, in the bunker no closer to the hole.
o If your ball lands in a divot in the fairway or rough, then you can place it outside of the divot. 
If you are late and if your specified foursome has already teed off, you will be penalized twice par plus one for each hole that has been completed.  If your fellow golfers are in a middle of a hole (i.e. already teed off and moved on to their next shot) when you show up, you will still be penalized twice par plus one for that hole.
Handicap will be established by using the Golf Association of Michigan (GAM) standards.
For all new players and returning golfers who did not participate in the previous season, the first 5 league rounds will be used to establish their GAM handicap.  They will be playing from what is normally the blue tees that we play from until their handicap is calculated.
The maximum handicap index a player can have is 36.
Golfers with a 20 handicap or greater will be playing from what is normally the white tees or at the discretion of the officers.

League Format

Game 1: Yearly Aggregate Net Score with a Money List
The player’s net score will be calculated and tracked each round.  At the end of the season, the three lowest net aggregate score will receive the prestigious
1. Red Jacket
2. Golden Fleece Vest
3. Brown Hat
If a player fails to show up, they’re score will be equal to the highest net score of the round plus one stroke.
The Yearly Aggregate Net Score total will be based on eight of your lowest net scores within the first thirteen events plus the fourteenth event.  
Money List
Each event will have a $45.00 purse.  Based on the net score for that week, a player can earn monetary winnings based on their ranking.  Below are the distribution percentages.

Rank Pct Purse Gross Winnings
1 17.52% $45 $7.88
2 11.32% $45 $5.09
3 9.37% $45 $4.22
4 8.37% $45 $3.77
5 7.57% $45 $3.41
6 7.17% $45 $3.23
7 6.97% $45 $3.14
8 6.77% $45 $3.05
9 6.47% $45 $2.91
10 6.37% $45 $2.87
11 6.17% $45 $2.78
12 5.97% $45 $2.69
For the two Majors, the purse will increase to $65.00.
Any player(s) who does not attend an event, their winnings will go into a pot.  At the end of the year, the leading money winner will receive half of this additional monetary award.
The winnings will be doled out to each player after Event #14.

Game 2: FAST-D Playoff Cup

Regular season:
Each Player accumulates points after each round. (See table below)
Net score will determine the player’s position for each round
Player who fails to show up will get zero points
Majors will have a different point distribution
After Event #10, the top 7 plus ties will qualify.  There will be no cuts, so if you qualify then are in it for the entire playoffs.  
Points will be RESET to zero.
The Event #11 will be round one of the playoffs 
Event #12 will be the second round.  
Event #13 will be the third and final round.  
Event #14 will be the fourth and final round.  
Player with the highest point total wins.
FAST-D Cup Point System

Position Regular Major Playoffs
1 500 600 2500
2 300 330 1500
3 190 210 1000
4 135 150 750
5 110 120 550
6 100 110 500
7 90 100 450
8 85 94 425
9 80 88 400
10 75 82 82
11 70 77
12 65 72
13 60 68
14 57 64
15 55 61
16 55 59
17 54 57
18 53 55
FAST-D Playoff Cup
1st Prize $50.00 (Cup Trophy)

Fast-D Challenge

The “Ultimate Scorecard” contest.  The rules are simple.  Twenty-six holes are chosen for this game.  Your scorecard will consist of 18 of your lowest gross holes of the 28.  The player with the lowest total at the end of the year wins the prize.  All members are eligible.
For each event, excluding makeup rounds, two holes will be designated.  One hole in the front nine and one in the back.
If you miss an event, your score for the 2 holes will be double-par plus one.
1st Prize $30.00

FAST-D Super Skin

Any member, who records a gross eagle or better in any event including the makeup round, will be eligible for the Super Skin.
Based on the number of “Super Skins” at the end of the year, a $45.00 pot will be split accordingly.


Any member, who gets a hole-in-one in any of our events, including makeup, will receive $20.00 from EVERY member who participated in that round.  For guests, it will be optional.  


Statistics will be tracked on this website, so that you can see what areas of your game need work.  A New FAST-D score card will be distributed for each round where you will not only enter your score but your number of putts per hole and fairways hit.